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Piano Lamps for Upright & Grand Pianos


This beautiful collection features House of Troy piano lamps - superior in quality, handcrafted in Vermont. Simply the finest in the industry.

Piano lamps cannot be underestimated for their importance to the player. Good lighting is essential for reading music as well as properly seeing the keyboard, affecting performance.

1. Traditional or Desk lamps are suitable for upright pianos, sitting on top of the piano and illuminating down on the sheet music area. They can also be used as office or task lamps.

The size of the shade would affect how wide the light would spread, and how bright it would shine. 10" shades use one bulb, whereas 14" shades use 2 bulbs.

Most 14" models also have dual-adjust arms, so the you can more precisely set the height and angle of the shade to direct the light exactly where it is needed.

2. Clamp lamps for grand pianos are attached to the top of the music desk (where sheet music is placed), shining light directly down on the music and keyboard. The clamp has a separate internal clamp that is felt-lined, protecting the piano from scratching. The main clamp on the lamp is then simply finger-tightened over the felt-lined clamp, to fit snugly to the music desk without damaging the finish.

3. Counter Balance lamps offer a bit more versatility in both how they can be utilized, and how they can aim light, with long reaching capability. The most common use is placing it on the side of a grand piano music desk, with the arm adjusted so that the shade can illuminate the area most suitable for you. They can also be used for other purposes such as a table or desk lamp. Some people use them as an attractive addition on their upright piano.


House of Troy, located in the Northern Vermont hills, has been creating high end lighting since the 1940s, and are renown for exquisite design, the highest quality of materials used, and superb craftsmanship. Their careful attention to detail means buffing, spraying, polishing, and inspecting each part for maximum quality and lasting performance. They are truly the leaders in piano lamps and have set the standard in the industry, making absolutely the best piano lamps you will find.


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